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WRI Energy Disclaimer and User License Agreement
I. Service is intended as a 24-hour-operation. However, access to the service may be interrupted or delayed from time to time due to network outages, and product updates may also be delayed. or any Internet site should never be relied upon as the only means to obtain the latest weather forecast and warning information.
II. Data
When using these web pages, always check that the page on your screen is not from your "cache" (also known as "Temporary Internet Files"). Use the Refresh or Reload button if in any doubt. Special attention should be given to the date and time of the data and products being displayed. While every reasonable effort is made to ensure data is timely, Internet and software delays as well as computer problems will occur from time to time that are out of our control. Weather Routing, Inc. assumes no liability for these issues.
III. Liability
In no event will Weather Routing Inc, Ltd, the National Weather Service, World Meteorological Organization, or any other disseminator of data or products foreign or domestic on this web site be liable to you or to any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages or lost profit resulting from any use or misuse of this data. The user assumes all risks for use and interpretation of these data.
IV. Misc
Weather Routing, Inc. (WRI, Ltd.) welcomes input on how to improve WRI Energy's site and we can always be reached at For more information on Weather Routing Inc. and the forecasting services we provide, please contact and/or visit
Usage Agreement
I. Fees
Fees will be provided upon request, and will be sent in a PDF flyer. They must be paid in advance based on either per month, per six months, or per twelve months as decided upon by the user signing up. If a client requires specialized forecasts, please contact for pricing. Early termination as requested by the user will result in account closure at the end of the chosen payment period, or as specified by the user. Partial refunds will not be granted for early termination requests.
II. Usage
All fees and site contents subject to change. Usage of this site is intended only for registered clients. Releasing or reselling of your account information (username and password) and/or any data from the WRI Energy's website is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to discontinue services at any time without refund. Any full or partial refund is at the sole discretion of Weather Routing Inc. Should we suspect access abuse, closure of the account and notice of account closure will be given to the information that the account was registered with. This does not limit Weather Routing's ability to pursue legal recourse if needed.
III. Intention
WRI Energy's Weather Charts are not intended to replace Weather Routing's much more highly detailed and personalized weather forecast and routing services that have been in place for more than 50 years. is provided as an additional tool to keep Mariners and those interested in maritime weather fully aware and informed of weather dangers and concerns in areas around the world.
IV. 72-Hour Refund Guarantee
A first-time customer is allowed 72 hours after subscribing to cancel their subscription with a full refund. Repeat customers will not be granted the 72 hour grace period. Customer must contact Weather Routing Incorporated, Ltd, if they wish to cancel their subscription within the grace period.
V. Modification
Weather Routing Inc. reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time.

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