Our interactive web-based program monitors weather and oceanographic conditions that will impact the power output of your offshore wind farm. Additionally, our Dashboard will assist in surveying your offshore site in being aware of daily output, weather concerns out 10 days, and options to request additional weather forecasting assistance during routine maintenance..
Weather & Energy Forecasting

  • Hourly, precise forecasts are provided at a customized hub level, and extend out to 10 days.

  • Many parameters are provided, including: Squall Threat, Ramp Events, Cooling and Heating Demands, Icing Potential, Visibility for on site operations, and many more.

  • Expected Power Output Analysis is provided, and updated in real time out to 10 days.
Weather Monitoring Dashboard

  • On-shore operations will be kept well advised of any potential weather concerns, along with potential energy production, where cut-in and cut-out thresholds are clearly displayed.

  • Access to summary of weather and power output data for your site.

  • If desired, operations can easily contact WRI Energy for additional forecasting for maintenance assistance or any other reason. We are available 24/7/365.

Additional Tools & Products

  • Interactive Weather Maps are updated 4 times daily, highlighting high resolutions winds, seas, visibility data, as well as squall threats and any current icing concerns.

  • WRI Energy’s Tropical Tracker highlights the track and intensity of all active and potential tropical systems. If the site is expected to be impacted by the Tropical System, WRI Energy will increase the frequency of updates accordingly to ensure safety.

  • SmartWind Weather Maps are customizable, and can over lay 2-3 parameters at once; including winds/seas, satellite, Radar, and surface observations including ship, land, and buoy.