Weather Risk Reports

WRI’s wide array of in-house data and history of providing climatology studies for clients worldwide will benefit any company looking for a long term evaluation and possible risks of a potential wind farm site. Our reports will prepare the owners of equipment and transport for expected weather hazards during construction, and then provide reliable potential energy production in seasonal/quarterly trends for investors and lenders.
Graphics & Statistical Analysis

  • Our Wind roses provide a profile of expected climatological winds for a given month; detailing the strength, direction, and frequency of the winds.

  • Cut in and Cut out threshold diagrams; as well as hazardous weather charts (i.e. tropical cyclone tracks) are provided to assist client with planning for operations at sea and in house needs.

  • Our Worldwide databases and experience can help identify promising sites, while our various products we have to offer, such as Climatology studies, can be used to help maximize your investment and provide a client with the necessary tools to ensure a beneficial investment.
Meteorological Knowledge

  • Trends in seasonal energy production, and weather patterns for specific flow regimes.

  • We investigate potential weather hazards and ocean waves which can be a concern for both the turbine and the O&M / construction phases of a project.

  • In addition to accessing potential energy production, we also address reasoning for specific wind flow regimes and seasonal patterns.

  • Evaluation of wind assessment characteristics, and recommendations for construction / O&M.

  • Advice for minimizing weather hazards, and discussion of shipping traffic.

  • An advanced and reliable estimate for potential energy production and understanding of seasonal/quarterly trends are beneficial for investors and lenders.
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